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Episode 023: Sexuality and Dominance Hierarchies (with Malcolm Collins)

January 14, 2021

Are our brains equipped to handle the increasing velocity of information exchange? What's going on psychologically when we take offense to an idea? Should some kinds of research results be suppressed or hidden? Should some kinds of research be avoided altogether? What are some of the faults in the old paradigms and models in sexuality research? What are some of the surprising findings in the research of sexual attraction? What are dominance hierarchies, and how do they relate to governance?

As a neuroscientist-turned-entrepreneur-and-investor, Malcolm leverages day jobs in VC, private equity, and business operations in a passionate battle to bring Gentleman Science back into vogue. He founded and directs The Pragmatist Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to encouraging pragmatic approaches to life's big challenges—all of which he personally likes to tackle arm-in-arm with his wife, Simone, who he met while getting his MBA at Stanford. Together, they co-founded an art commission startup (ArtCorgi) and subsequently raised a miniature private equity fund to acquire a travel management business (Travelmax), which the couple now operates. Their books are:

You can reach Malcolm via email at And you can learn more about Malcolm and Simone's company at

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