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Episode 026: Past / Future Selves and Intrinsic Values (with Simone Collins)

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February 4, 2021

How well do we identify with our past and future selves? What are some of the ways we can develop self-awareness and emotional control? How can we learn more and learn faster at a younger age? How can we best express emotions like sadness and anger? What are our intrinsic values, and what should they be?

Simone is a Cambridge-educated crumpet addict who joyfully attacks life with her husband Malcolm Collins, with whom she founded an art commission startup (ArtCorgi) and raised a miniature private equity fund to acquire a management business (Travelmax), which the couple presently operates. Together the Collinses founded and run The Pragmatist Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to fighting tribalism and promoting pragmatic approaches to life's challenges. Simone dreams of someday parenting seven children with Vulcan-like logic and grace, but will settle with someday parenting seven children with dogged human endurance.




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